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Clarins Gentle Night Cream Review

My issues when I began using the Clarins Gentle Night Cream was dry flaky skin with a lot of acne-like pimples. I had breakouts on forehead, nose and especially on chin. My skin was extremely sensitive and scarred. My improvement one year later is considerably less flaky skin. less breakouts and no more acne-like pimples. My skin has healed beautifully and my scars are almost completely gone. This is definately a confidence bringer and my number one miracle product.  

Clarins Gentle Night Cream Review

Before I actually started using this amazing night cream I had been using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3 Step including (Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam, Anti-Blemish Solutions Claryfying Lotion, Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over clearing Treatment) for both day and night. It was also before I started using theDarphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream that I did review in my latest post.

Clinique AntiBlemish Solutions

My mistake with the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions was to use the 3 step system for over a year. When I started of with the treatment I only had a few spots on chin and nose. Maybe a maximum of five at the same time. Being me I thought it was the worst thing ever and so I thought I needed extreme products to get rid of it. The first three weeks made things better but then everything worsened. I started panicking and squeezing more and more. Over time I got deeper pimples, almost acne-looking spots and a lot of dark scars due to all my squeezing. I went to a drugstore to find a good foundation to cover it all up. I felt it was the only solution since my damaged face began to affect my confidence way too much – I was so ashamed that I didn’t want to leave the house. At the drugstore, they told me that nothing would cover it up and at the same time give me that “natural look” I wanted. They gave me a sample of the Clarins Gentle Night Cream and asked me to try it out before buying any foundation. I also found out that I shouldn’t have used the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions for no longer than three months because that could make things worse – too late for that!

I tried the Clarins Gentle Night Cream as soon as I got home that night. When I woke up, my skin hadn’t looked so good for months. I know, it sounds a bit dramatic and unrealistic but it’s true. My mum was amazed and couldn’t either believe the difference it had made over a night. The difference was that my wounds on my face were healed. My pimples weren’t swollen and my skin wasn’t dry. I kept using it for the whole year. (I also stopped using the Clinique products). Everytime I used the night cream I got the same feeling and result when I woke up. No new spots, old ones were healed and I didn’t have to buy a foundation to cover things up anymore. The scars were still there and  are still visible but they are fading away slowly.

The Clarins Gentle Night Cream is the best cream I’ve used so far. Since it doesn’t contain Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex it doesn’t protect against free radicals and against environmental aggressions and that’s why I don’t use it for the day when going out. However, if I’m staying home, I do put it on sometimes.

I have tried the Clarins Gentle Day Cream but it didn’t do much for me. It is a bit thick for a day cream during summer but totally fine during winter. I didn’t see any difference neither straight away or after a few months. Nothing near the “Woaw” – result I get from Clarins Gentle Night Cream and Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel, see my latest review.

The texture of the night cream is pretty thick. It’s very oily and it does feel like a layer on top of your skin however, it’s not sticky at all and it soaks in pretty well. I do think it’s better suited for dry skin since it is so so creamy. The packaging is great. It’s a pump container which means that it won’t get messy and it will stay fresh.

Remember I didn’t have huge problems at the begining. I made them worse myself. So before you go hard-core with anti-acne products try the natural ones that won’t hurt your face or simply use the anti-acne products right. Do not make my mistake.

Please comment down bellow if you have tried any of the products mentioned above and include your opinion! Maybe you’ve already found you miracle night cream? In that case, please share which one it is!


  1. Rosie

    What has happen to this product? Has it been taken off the market? Can’t buy at Macy’s don’t have it and the technician says she can’t order it. Is it still available somewhere? If so where??

    1. HealthySkinRoutine

      Hello Rosie!

      Unfortunately the Clarins Gentle Night Cream has been discontinued. Read my post about it if you need more information about it.

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