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Créme de la Mer Review

Créme de la Mer, the so called holy grail of creams, turns out just to be another overpriced cream. Keep on reading my review to find out why I think so.

Some say that Créme de la Mer is just another overpriced Nivea cream clone in a nicer packaging. Others say that it is the best thing since the invention of moisturizers. Having read all there is about it online and pondering whether it really is worth the price, I decided to take the plunge. As a student I do not tend to spend this kind of money on a facial cream so, deciding to try this particular product has taken some time.  I’ve been using the cream since July and I will give you my honest review of it. Keep on reading.


When I first started using Créme de la Mer my skin was very tired. I suffered from a lot of breakouts and my skin wasn’t healing properly. Almost every product I used caused me a breakout. I started using the cream in July and I have been using it continuously since. This means I now have more than six months of experience with it.

Consistency & application

Créme de la Mer is a thick cream, in my opinion, as thick as the standard Nivea cream. It’s not easy to distribute it evenly on my face – think butter.  To facilitate the application I use two methods;

  1. By dabbing the cream onto my face and neck in small dots. Once I’ve covered all my face and neck, I dab the cream in across my skin (basically, I slap it on).
  2. By warming the cream up between my hands and then pressing my hands gently onto my face and neck.

Under makeup

After application, it can take up to two hours before my skin feels normal again. During these two hours my face feels oily and a bit sticky. I am usually very picky when it comes to stickiness but, I don’t feel any discomfort with this cream. Because of the stickiness, I can not put mineral makeup on top of Créme de la Mer. It is way too thick and I wouldn’t be able to distribute the makeup evenly. Neither would I use any other skincare product on top of it.

My Short & Long term results

My skin feels moisturized during the day/night and Créme de la Mer does not give me any major breakouts. However, I do get small spots as a result of applying the cream after exfoliation. The moisturizing effect is just a short-term result. Once I wash my face and choose to use another cream instead, my skin feels very dry and I can clearly see dry patches – adding a lot of moisture might stop your skin from producing its own. My skins slow healing process that I mentioned earlier, is still the same but I’ve noticed that my discolorations (from breakouts) have become less visible – probably because of my natural healing process and because I’ve been lucky enough not to get any new breakouts. Also, Créme de la Mer adds a shine to my skin which, I know for some people, might be a deal-breaker.

Summary & Verdict

I’ve read a lot of reviews on Créme de la Mer before purchasing it, including one in Vogue – the one that convinced me to purchase it. Had I known what I know today, I would not have bought it. Créme de la Mer does not do any wonders for my skin. It does moisture it but only during the time it is on my skin – once I stop using it I suffer from dryness. It might give me spots, especially when applied after exfoliation. I would say that this might be a good cream during the winter time if you will be spending a lot of time outside in a very cold environment. On the other hand, you might just as well go for the 20 times cheaper Nivea cream. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing Créme de la Mer again.

Have you tried Créme de la Mer? And if so, what do you think so far? Let me know down below!



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