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Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream Review

My skin issue right now is dry flaky skin with small breakouts on forehead, nose and chin. I’ve always had trouble with finding a good daily moisturizer. I’ve never really sticked to one, always been changing since I’ve never been completely satisfied until now – well at least almost.

Since I’ve had some problems with breakouts lately, especially on my forehead, I’ve been searching like crazy for a moisturizer that doesn’t break me out. I got a sample from feelunique.com of Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream when ordering other products.  This sample lasted for three days and I was amazed how great my skin looked at the end of day three. No new breakouts and the old ones were disappearing. My skin was glowing troughout the whole day and it felt hydrated. I did use the Original Foundation from bareMinerals on top and it worked well, not perfect, but good enough. I decided to go all in and ordered a normal size, 50 ml.

However, I’m not completely satisfied. The moisturizer feels a bit sticky for at least ten minutes after application. This means that you have to wait a few minutes before applying makeup – not good if you need your makeup done in just a few minutes. My mineral makeup (bareMinerals Original Foundation) wears off more quicker with Darphin Hydraskin Light Cream than ever before – not sure why. It’s harder to work with the mineral foundation when using this cream and the result of this is often a cakey makeup look which is not what I’m aiming for. Another disadvantage might be that the moisturizer gives you a shine which maybe isn’t always what you want, especially not if you do have oily skin. Something else that bothers me a bit is the scent. It’s not a strong scent but it does not smell nice and fresh either – which according to me, it should! I’ve also realised that this moisturizer does not moisturize well enough during winter days, especially not when it’s under 1 degree Celsius outside. I have very dry skin during these cold days and I need something that isn’t as light as this moisturizer.

This is the best daily moisturizer I’ve found so far, but it still isn’t what I want and I will continue looking. I haven’t used it as a night cream because I’ve already found my perfect night cream – Clarins Gentle Night Cream. A review on the Clarins one will come shortly.

P.s. I’ve solved the mineral makeup issue by using Mac Fix+ all over my face after I’ve finished my makeup routine. It still wears off during the day, however, it looks more natural and less cakey with the Mac Fix+

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