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My way of getting rid of acne

I’ve tried it all. I’ve tried all the drugstore high-end moisturisers you can imagine. I’ve used cleansers, exfoliators, serums, toners and masks. I’ve been to dermatologists and medicated myself with antibiotics to get rid of my acne. I even ended up being so desperate that I did the worst thing I could do to my skin, I sunbathed a lot with the hope that my tan would somehow take the focus of my bad skin situation. Quite desperate right? I’ve spent more than 100 euro a month for such a long period that I finally had enough and just gave up – an this was when still living a poor student life. I did not have a lot of acne compared to some extreme cases I’ve seen and read about, but what I had kept me from living my life to the fullest…well at least until the day I decided that I was done with my skin situation dictating my life. 

I decided to stop. Literally. And I decided to get myself bangs.

I stopped doing everything that concerned my skin situation. I stopped using cleansers. I stopped using moisturisers. I stopped using masks. I stopped using exfoliators. I stopped touching my face. I stopped looking in the mirror. I stopped looking at pictures of me. I stopped using makeup.

The only thing I did on a daily basis was to wash my eyes and my mouth for 1-2 months.

So how does the fringe come into the picture? It took away attention from my face – I felt as if I was covered to some extent and it did give me the confidence to go out when I normally would not. It made me feel more feminine. So no, bangs do not remove acne unfortunately, but they might move the attention from your acne to your hair depending on where you have it. Luckily I had most on my forehead and on the sides of my face.

The process

Some of you might think the process must have been disgusting – not washing your skin is disgusting. However, being as exhausted as I was, I did not really care. And yes, I did have a boyfriend at that time – he did not complain.

The result?

My scars healed. I did not get any new ones either – probably because I stopped picking spots and healed ones. No moisturiser could infect my current ones (skincare products might be contaminated depending on how you handle them and they may contain irritants). No exfoliator could irritate my skin and neither would my previously spot picking hands. No facial wash could dry my skin out and no product would over moisturise my skin.

I still get spots, but only when I’m sad or stressed out. I no longer have scars and I no longer have deep acne.

No, I did not stop washing my skin forever…

I wash my face daily when in the shower just using water. I only use a facial skin cleanser once a week together with a scrub glove (unless I have makeup on – then I need to use a cleanser more often). There is no longer much focus on one product, most often I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and if I have makeup to remove I prefer the Vatika DemoVivia Honey Moisture Boost Face Wash. However, my absolute favourite one has remained the same and it is the Clarins Daily Energizing Cleansing Gel which is unfortunate because it seems as if Clarins has decided to discontinue another one of my favourite products.

Does this mean I don’t have anything to write about?

Certainly not, I am back on my writing scheme as of today. Stay tuned!




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