Robert Welch Signature Book Oak Knife Block Set together with Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen Electric Kettle - Review

Robert Welch Signature Knife Block Set Review

Let me tell you a bit of the history behind me getting this knife block set before I dig into this review. My brother bought my mum a set of Robert Welch Signature knives for Christmas around five years ago. They’ve been in use ever since. Going back to when I lived at mum’s place, I remember myself being very satisfied with how easy it was to work with these knives. The main and only drawback was –  I never fancied the black handle. This led to my quest of finding other knives for myself.

I decided to go for Global knives as their appearance would fit my kitchen better.  They had a good reputation which my brother also confirmed (he is the knife expert in this family). After some comparison in store I realised, Global knives are not for me. They didn’t feel as natural in my hand as our Robert Welch knives. Apart from being too big for my hands, the handle that is made of steel, felt cold. Since I already work hard on keeping my hands warm during the day – the struggle is real, this was a deal-breaker.

Back to Robert Welch again! I was still indecisive until I saw the Robert Welch Book Oak Knife Block for the first time. It blew my mind.  I forgot my little black handle issue (huge at that time) and I decided to get the entire set. Now that I have them in my kitchen, I don’t see the black handle. My attention is completely drawn to the block and it fits perfectly with the rest of my kitchen decor.

Robert Welch vs Global knives

In short, I prefer Robert Welch knives over Global as they do not get cold. Global knives are made of steel whilst Robert Welch handles are made of tactile DuPont™ (which seems to be some form of plastic?). In my opinion, global knives are better suited for bigger hands when compared to Robert Welch knives. My hands are not small (I have piano hands – long fingers) but still too small for Global knives. My brother has good experience with them thus I conclude that they perhaps fit men better in terms of hand size.

Do you need all knives?

Certainly not, I mostly use four out of six knives (the four ones to the right in the picture below) but it is a lot cheaper buying them in a set rather than separate. Why is the knife block so good? Apart from the elegant sleek design it is amazingly practical. The block does not take up space at all, you never hurt your knives by rubbing them against anything and the wood quality is perfect.

I always thought I wanted to hang my knives on a metallic knife rack but compared to how that would look with the block set, let’s put it this way, I love the design so much that if I had endless money to spend I would buy a second one and keep it on the shelf in case this one ever goes bad or breaks. Oh and if you’re not sure about the knives, you can always buy the block separate. Enjoy the images and let me know your thoughts on this review!

Robert Welch Signature Knife Block Set Review - all knives displayed
Robert Welch Signature Knife Block Set Review – the included knives
Robert Welch Signature Book Oak Knife Block Set Review - The block itself
Robert Welch Signature Book Oak Knife Block Set Review – The Book Oak Block
Robert Welch Signature Book Oak Knife Block Set Review - picture taken from the side of the block
Robert Welch Signature Knife Block Set Review – the side of the block

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